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12/13/2015   Rejoice With All Your Heart Pastor Cordes Zephaniah 3:14-17 Download
4/1/2012   Rejoice in Your Unique Savior-King Pastor Cordes Zechariah 9:9-10 Download
6/23/2013   The Lord -- He is Mine and I am His Pastor Cordes Zechariah 13:7-9 Download
6/9/2013   Devotions on Readings Pastor Cordes Various Passages Download
5/23/2010   Be Glad for the Work of the Holy Spirit Pastor Cordes Various Download
7/5/2009   Free Will Pastor Cordes Various Download
6/15/2008   Marriage Pastor Cordes Various Download
12/25/2016   Of the Father's Love Begotten Pastor Cordes various Download
8/22/2010   Qs from the Pews Pastor Cordes Various Download
4/11/2010   Qs from the Pews Pastor Cordes Various Download
11/8/2015   The Questionable Future of Hell Pastor Cordes Various Download
3/15/2009   Give God the Glory Pastor Cordes Topical: Giving Download
6/15/2014   The Trinity Is Everywhere Pastor Cordes Topical: Trinity Download
12/25/2011   Look What Appeared in Christ Pastor Cordes Titus 2:11-14 Download
6/21/2015   Man Up In Christ Pastor Cordes Titus 2:1-2,6 Download
5/27/2012   What Does the Holy Spirit Do? Pastor Cordes The Holy Spirit's Work Download
6/1/2014   See the Unseen God Very Much In Control Pastor Cordes The Book of Esther Download
4/17/2014   The Blood of Christ Pastor Cordes The Body of Christ Series Download
4/9/2014   The Crucified Body of Christ Pastor Kelly The Body of Christ Series Download
3/19/2014   The Ears of Christ Pastor Bauer The Body of Christ Series Download
4/18/2014   The Feet of Christ Pastor Cordes The Body of Christ Series Download
3/5/2014   The Hands of Christ Pastor Cordes The Body of Christ Series Download
4/2/2014   The Heart of Christ Pastor Raddatz The Body of Christ Series Download
3/12/2014   The Mouth of Christ Pastor Meiselwitz The Body of Christ Series Download
4/20/2014   The Resurrected Body of Christ Pastor Cordes The Body of Christ Series Download
12/27/2015   The Meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas Pastor Cordes Song Download
10/9/2016   Believers Are Faithful To Their Promises Pastor Cordes Ruth 1:1-19 Download
8/31/2014   Be Concerned About the Unbelievers' Salvation Pastor Cordes Romans 9:1-5 Download
8/24/2014   More Than Conquerors Pastor Cordes Romans 8:33-39 Download
8/21/2011   Called to a New Identity Pastor Cordes Romans 8:28-30 Download
8/10/2014   God Gives Me My Very Own Prayer Counselor Pastor Cordes Romans 8:26-27 Download
5/31/2015   How Do You Know You Are God's Child? Pastor Cordes Romans 8:14-17 Download
3/9/2008   To God Alone Be The Glory Pastor Cordes Romans 8:11-19 Download
2/10/2008   How To Dethrone a Tyrant or Two Pastor Cordes Romans 5:12-19 Download
1/13/2008   The Lord of All Wants You Pastor Cordes Romans 5:12-19 Download
5/26/2013   We Have Peace with God Pastor Cordes Romans 5:1-5 Download
11/9/2014   Comfortable in Judgement Pastor Cordes Romans 2:2-11 Download
12/14/2008   Celebrate the Jubilee of Our Anointed One! Pastor Cordes Romans 16:25-27 Download
12/21/2008   Praise God for Spilling the Beans! Pastor Cordes Romans 16:25-27 Download
8/24/2008   Be a Transformed, Conforming Non-Conformist Pastor Cordes Romans 12:1-8 Download
9/18/2011   Be Thankful God isn't Thankful Pastor Cordes Romans 11:33-36 Download
9/7/2014   God Have Mercy On Them All Pastor Cordes Romans 11:13-15; 29-32 Download
2/25/2007   Lent 1 – C Pastor Cordes Romans 10:8-13 Download
12/18/2016   Just Who Is This Jesus Pastor Cordes Romans 1:1-7 Download
9/14/2014   God Will Preserve His Church Pastor Cordes Revelation 7:1-8 Download
4/25/2010   In Jesus we are Safe from the Great Tribulation Pastor Cordes Revelation 7 Download
4/10/2016   Worth Is the Lamb to Open the Scdroll Pastor Cordes Revelation 5:11-14 Download
5/5/2013   What Will Heaven Be Like? Pastor Cordes Revelation 21:10-14, 22-23 Download
5/8/2016   Ride With the Word of God Pastor Cordes Revelation 19:11-16 Download
10/28/2012   Fear God and Give Him Glory Pastor Cordes Revelation 14:6-7 Download
9/19/2010   Walking Together Pastor Cordes Revelation 14:6 Download
4/15/2007   Easter 2 – C Pastor Cordes Revelation 1:9-18 Download
11/22/2015   Christ the Glorious King Returns Pastor Cordes Revelation 1:4-8 Download
8/3/2008   Whom Have I in Heaven but You? Pastor Cordes Psalm 73:21-28 Download
1/12/2014   Your Throne, O God, Will Last Pastor Cordes Psalm 45:1-7 Download
4/17/2011   That the King of Glory May Come In Pastor Cordes Psalm 24 Download
4/26/2015   The Lord is My Shepherd Pastor Cordes Psalm 23:1-6 Download
4/17/2016   The Lord Is My Shepherd Pastor Cordes Psalm 23:1-6 Download
1/11/2009   Better to be Bent Than Be Broken Pastor Cordes Psalm 2 Download
11/27/2014   Survey the Skies Pastor Cordes Psalm 19:1-6 Download
9/12/2010   The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Pastor Cordes Psalm 19:1-4a Download
9/9/2012   The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Part 2 Pastor Cordes Psalm 19:1-14a Download
9/6/2015   The Lord Reigns Forever Pastor Cordes Psalm 146:1-10 Download
3/12/2017   The Lord Will Watch Over You Pastor Cordes Psalm 121:1-8 Download
2/17/2008   The Lord Will Watch Over You Pastor Cordes Psalm 121 Download
4/9/2017   In the Name of the Lord I Cut Them Off Pastor Cordes Psalm 118:1-29 Download
11/22/2007   Thanksgiving Day Pastor Cordes Psalm 107:8 Download
8/26/2012   Make Like a Tree Pastor Cordes Psalm 1 Download
5/17/2015   How Awesome Is the Lord Most High Pastor Cordes Ps 47:1-9 Download
8/16/2015   Taste and See That the Lord is Good Pastor Cordes Ps 34:1-8 Download
6/7/2015   Burst With Joy Over the Lord's Great Blessings Pastor Cordes Ps 126:1-6 Download
9/8/2013   God Calls Us to be His Wise Disciples Pastor Cordes Proverbs 9:8-12 Download
8/23/2015   You're Invited to Two Parties Pastor Cordes Proverbs 9:1-6,13-18 Download
7/1/2012   Rely on the Almighty Pastor Cordes Proverbs 30:4-5 Download
9/9/2007   Pentecost 15 – C Pastor Cordes Proverbs 25:6-7 Download
6/20/2010   Father's Day Reminiscence Pastor Cordes Professor Hoenecke Download
3/13/2016   I Want To Know Christ Pastor Cordes Philippians 3:7-14 Download
3/10/2010   Christ Crucified is More Precious Than Life Pastor Cordes Philippians 3:7-11 Download
2/21/2016   Look Out. Look In. Look Up. Pastor Cordes Philippians 3:17-4:1 Download
4/1/2007   Palm Sunday – C Pastor Cordes Philippians 2:5-11 Download
9/21/2008   Make my Joy Complete Pastor Cordes Philippians 2:1-5 Download
12/6/2009   Lord, Give Us An Advent Heart Pastor Cordes Philippians 1:3-11 Download
10/12/2014   Would You Leave If God Offered You the Chance? Pastor Cordes Philippians 1:18-25 Download
9/4/2016   How To Heal the Breach Pastor Cordes Philemon 1, 10-20 Download
5/22/2016   The Lord Bless You Pastor Cordes Numbers 6:22-27 Download
7/6/2014   Our Compassionate Lord Commissions a Leader Pastor Cordes Numbers 27:15-23 Download
7/17/2011   Sprinkled Clean in Jesus Pastor Cordes Numbers 19:2-6, 9-16, 20 Download
3/3/2013   The Moral of Korah's Story Pastor Cordes Numbers 16 Download
12/16/2012   The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength Pastor Cordes Nehemiah 8:9-18 Download
4/5/2015   Restored in Christ: Broken Seal Pastor Cordes Mt 27:66; Mk 16:4-6 Download
12/10/2014   Your Deliverance Is Near, O Lord Pastor Cordes Midweek Advent Devotions Download
2/2/2014   Get on My Case, God Pastor Cordes Micah 6:1-8 Download
12/23/2012   Look to Little Bethlehem Pastor Cordes Micah 5:2-5a Download
7/10/2011   Compassionate Savior, Compassionate Church Pastor Cordes Matthew 9:35 - 10:8 Download
5/25/2008   Christ's Directions for a Blessed Summer Pastor Cordes Matthew 7:15-29 Download
2/19/2017   Let Love Turn Things Around Pastor Cordes Matthew 5:38-48 Download
2/13/2011   Surpass the Pharisees in Righteousness Pastor Cordes Matthew 5:20-37 Download
2/5/2017   Apply the Law Properly To Your Life Pastor Cordes Matthew 5:13-20 Download
3/5/2017   Watch Jesus Handle Tricky Temptations Pastor Cordes Matthew 4:1-13 Download
1/9/2011   Jesus, Why Do You Seek a Sinner's Baptism? Pastor Cordes Matthew 3:13-17 Download
12/5/2010   Repent! It's the Only War Pastor Cordes Matthew 3:1-12 Download
4/8/2007   Easter Pastor Cordes Matthew 28:1-10 Download
4/12/2009   Easter Pastor Cordes Matthew 27:62-66 & 28:2,4,11-14 Download
2/18/2015   Restored in Christ from Broken Promises Pastor Cordes Matthew 26:69-75 Download
4/5/2007   Maundy Thursday – C Pastor Cordes Matthew 26:26-28 Download
11/6/2011   The Vision of Christ's Return Pastor Cordes Matthew 25:31-46 Download
10/23/2011   You are a Gifted Servant Pastor Cordes Matthew 25:14-30 Download
11/16/2014   Give Me Oil In My Lamp Pastor Cordes Matthew 25:1-13 Download
12/1/2013   The Day is Surely Drawing Near Pastor Cordes Matthew 24:37-44 Download
7/6/2008   Willing obedience From a Perfect Human. Pastor Cordes Matthew 22:15-22 Download
10/5/2008   Come to the Feast Pastor Cordes Matthew 22:1-14 Download
3/20/2016   Do You Hear What These Children Are Saying? Pastor Cordes Matthew 21:12-17 Download
4/13/2014   Hosanna to the King of the Donkey Pastor Cordes Matthew 21:1-11 Download
12/26/2010   Imitate Joseph, a Man who Lived his Faith Pastor Cordes Matthew 2:19-23 Download
12/24/2013   A Star, A Song, A Child Pastor Cordes Matthew 2:1-18, Luke 2:1-15 Download
9/7/2008   Let's Learn to Forgive Pastor Cordes Matthew 18:21-35 Download
10/2/2011   Tough and Tender Love for Sinners Pastor Cordes Matthew 18:15-20 Download
3/26/2017   You Make a Difference Pastor Cordes Matthew 17:14-20 Download
3/21/2010   You Make the Difference Pastor Cordes Matthew 17:14-20 Download
3/2/2014   How Good, Lord, To Be Here Pastor Cordes Matthew 17:1-9 Download
8/17/2008   Who Do You Say I Am? Pastor Cordes Matthew 16:13-20 Download
8/3/2014   Jesus Wants Us To Be Good Soil Pastor Cordes Matthew 13:1-9,18-23 Download
1/23/2011   Our Light Shines Bright Pastor Cordes Matthew 12:12-23 Download
7/31/2011   I'm Resting in Jesus like a Child Pastor Cordes Matthew 11:25-30 Download
12/15/2013   Beware the Expectations that can Cause Us to Stumble Pastor Cordes Matthew 11:2-11 Download
7/20/2014   The Prince of Peace Brings a Sword Pastor Cordes Matthew 10:34-42 Download
10/26/2008   Christian, Can You Handle It? Pastor Cordes Matthew 10:16-23 Download
12/23/2007   Advent 4 - A Pastor Cordes Matthew 1:18-25 Download
12/7/2016   The Making of a Disciple-Prayer Pastor Cordes Matt 6:9-10 Download
10/11/2009   Please Pass the Salt Pastor Cordes Mark 9:38-50 Download
10/4/2009   You're the Greatest Pastor Cordes Mark 9:30-37 Download
2/15/2015   Rich Gem in Sacred Word Pastor Cordes Mark 9:2-9 Download
3/1/2015   The Worth of a Soul Pastor Cordes Mark 8:36-38 Download
9/27/2009   Say What?! Pastor Cordes Mark 8:27-35 Download
9/16/2012   Jesus Has Done All Things Well Pastor Cordes Mark 7:31-37 Download
9/13/2015   Cleanse Me From My Uncleanness Pastor Cordes Mark 7:1-8,14-15,21-23 Download
7/26/2009   Sent To Say 'Repent' Pastor Cordes Mark 6:7-13 Download
7/19/2009   If Jesus Himself Was Rejected, Why Would Anyone Listen To Us? Pastor Cordes Mark 6:1-6 Download
7/12/2009   Don't Be Afraid; Just Believe Pastor Cordes Mark 5:21-24,35-43 Download
6/28/2015   Trust Jesus, Our Storm Stiller Pastor Cordes Mark 4:35-41 Download
6/24/2012   Kingdom Work Takes Patient Faith Pastor Cordes Mark 4:26-34 Download
6/21/2009   Growing Up In The Family Of God Pastor Cordes Mark 3:31-35 Download
4/8/2012   The Death of Foolish Fear Pastor Cordes Mark 16:1-8,14 Download
3/21/2008   Dead End Pastor Cordes Mark 15:37,39 Download
2/6/2008   Hear a Hymn of Praise Pastor Cordes Mark 14:26-31 Download
11/15/2015   Bad Signs of Good Times Pastor Cordes Mark 13:24-27 Download
3/29/2015   Restored in Christ: Broken Majesty Pastor Cordes Mark 11:1-11 Download
4/5/2009   Sing Hosanna to Our King Pastor Cordes Mark 11:1-11 Download
10/18/2015   Avoid These Two Dangerous Extremes Pastor Cordes Mark 10:17-27 Download
2/1/2009   We're in Church With Jesus Pastor Cordes Mark 1:21-28 Download
3/1/2009   Lent 1 - B Pastor Cordes Mark 1:12-15 Download
12/4/2011   Be a Forerunner of Christ Pastor Cordes Mark 1:1-8 Download
1/4/2009   And HE Will be Their Peace Pastor Cordes Malachi 5:2-5a Download
11/2/2008   Serve the Lord With Gladness. Pastor Cordes Malachi 3:14-18 Download
10/14/2012   Why is it All Falling Apart? Luke Thompson Malachi 2 Download
6/29/2008   May Your Name Be Hallowed Among Us, Lord Pastor Cordes Malachi 1:6a,8,11-14 Download
6/22/2008   May Your Name Be Hallowed Among Us, Lord Pastor Cordes Malachi 1:6a,8,11-14 Download
2/7/2016   Consider the Transfiguration of Our Lord Pastor Cordes Luke 9:28-36 Download
2/4/2007   Epiphany 5 – C Pastor Cordes Luke 5:1-11 Download
1/31/2010   What Went Wrong in Nazareth? Pastor Cordes Luke 4:20-32 Download
2/21/2010   Jesus Handles Three Trick Temptations Pastor Cordes Luke 4:1-13 Download
12/6/2015   Prepare the Way for the Lord Pastor Cordes Luke 3:1-6 Download
5/24/2009   Look To Our Heavenly Home Pastor Cordes Luke 24:44-53 Download
3/27/2016   Why Do You Look for the Living Among the Dead? Pastor Cordes Luke 24:4-8 Download
4/6/2008   We Want a Good Case of Resurrection Heartburn Too Pastor Cordes Luke 24:13-35 Download
4/16/2017   Turn To Jesus For Resurrection Pastor Cordes Luke 24:1-8 Download
2/24/2016   He Wanted To See Jesus Pastor Cordes Luke 23:6-12 Download
2/27/2008   From Pilate to Herod and Back Pastor Cordes Luke 23:4-12 Download
3/9/2016   Don't You Fear God? Pastor Cordes Luke 23:39-43 Download
4/10/2009   A Message of Eternal Hope Pastor Cordes Luke 23:35-43 Download
3/20/2008   To God Alone Be The Glory Pasor Cordes Luke 23:26-31 Download
4/2/2015   Restored in Christ: Broken Sancturary Pastor Cordes Luke 22:39-48 Download
3/25/2007   Lent 5 – C Pastor Cordes Luke 20:9-19 Download
12/30/2012   Act Like Who You Are Pastor Cordes Luke 2:41-52 Download
12/28/2008   It’s the best way to celebrate Christmas Pastor Cordes Luke 2:36-38 Download
1/1/2012   Feed Your Faith the Name of Jesus Pastor Cordes Luke 2:21 Download
1/1/2017   The Name of Jesus Pastor Cordes Luke 2:21 Download
12/24/2014   Four Joyful Things to Do With Christmas Pastor Cordes Luke 2:15-20 Download
12/24/2010   To You a Savior is Born a Savior, Christ the Lord Pastor Cordes Luke 2:11 Download
12/24/2012   Christmas is Ruined Pastor Cordes Luke 2:10-11 Download
12/24/2008   Do Not Be Afraid! Pastor Cordes Luke 2:10-11 Download
12/24/2011   To You a Savior Great Joy Pastor Cordes Luke 2:10-11 Download
12/24/2016   You're About To Witness An Ambush Pastor Cordes Luke 2:1-20 Download
4/11/2010   Follow Jesus, the King of Hearts Pastor Cordes Luke 19:28-42 Download
11/6/2016   Mind Your Mina Pastor Cordes Luke 19:11-27 Download
2/25/2009   Ash Wednesday Pastor Cordes Luke 18:9-14 Download
2/21/2007   Ash Wednesday Pastor Cordes Luke 18:31-34 Download
10/24/2010   Always Pray and Not Give Up Pastor Cordes Luke 18:1-8 Download
10/21/2007   Pentecost 21 – C Pastor Cordes Luke 17:11-19 Download
10/6/2013   Lord, Increase Our Faith Pastor Cordes Luke 17:1-10 Download
9/29/2013   See How Effective God's Word Is Pastor Cordes Luke 16:19-31 Download
10/7/2007   Pentecost 18 – C Pastor Cordes Luke 16:1-13 Download
6/17/2012   Fathers, Reflect our Heavenly Father's Love Pastor Cordes Luke 15:11-24 Download
3/18/2007   Lent 4 – C Pastor Cordes Luke 15:1-3a,11-32 Download
9/15/2013   The Savior Says, Rejoice with Me Pastor Cordes Luke 15:1-10 Download
9/16/2007   Pentecost 16 – C Pastor Cordes Luke 14:25-33 Download
9/1/2013   Humble Yourself. God Will Exalt you in Time Pastor Cordes Luke 14:1,7-14 Download
2/24/2013   Watch Jesus Stare Down the Prophet-Killers Pastor Cordes Luke 13:31-35 Download
8/25/2013   Struggle to Enter Through the Narrow Door Pastor Cordes Luke 13:22-30 Download
8/26/2007   Pentecost 13 – C Pastor Cordes Luke 12:49-53 Download
8/1/2010   Lord, Teach us to Pray Pastor Cordes Luke 11:1-13 Download
7/21/2013   Choose What is Better, Like Mary Pastor Cordes Luke 10:38-42 Download
2/12/2012   Mercy for my Neighbor Pastor Cordes Luke 10:25-37 Download
7/10/2016   Who Is My Neighbor? Pastor Cordes Luke 10:25-37 Download
7/11/2010   Rejoice that Your Names are Written in Heaven Pastor Cordes Luke 10:1-12,16-20 Download
1/3/2016   The Lord Has Come and Redeemed His People Pastor Cordes Luke 1:68-75 Download
12/20/2015   Celebrate Christmas Mary-Style Pastor Cordes Luke 1:39-55 Download
12/18/2011   Realize What the Lord's Coming Means Pastor Cordes Luke 1:26-38 Download
7/8/2012   The Lord is Good. Hope in Him. Pastor Cordes Lamentations 3:22-33 Download
8/29/2010   With These 300 I Will Save You Pastor Cordes Joshua 7 Download
9/6/2009   Since You Are Righteous, Serve The Lord Pastor Cordes Joshua 24:1-2,14-18 Download
9/11/2011   Watch Rahab's Faith Reveal Itself Pastor Cordes Joshua 2:8-21 Download
10/21/2012   You Are a Leader of Christ Pastor Cordes Joshua 1:6-9 Download
3/19/2017   Delightful Sight From the Light Pastor Cordes John 9:1-39 Download
10/30/2016   Hold On To Christ's Teachings Pastor Cordes John 8:31-36 Download
9/2/2012   Jesus Has Two Questions for You Pastor Cordes John 6:60-69 Download
4/3/2015   Restored in Christ: Broken Bread Pastor Cordes John 6:48-58 Download
8/23/2009   I Am The Bread Of Life Pastor Cordes John 6:41-51 Download
8/13/2012   Work for Food that Endures to Eternal Life Pastor Cordes John 6:24-35 Download
8/2/2015   Isn't That Just Like Jesus Pastor Cordes John 6:1-15 Download
11/18/2012   We Are Saints Triumphant in Christ Pastor Cordes John 5:24-29 Download
3/20/2011   Quench Your Thirst with Living Water Pastor Cordes John 4:5-26 Download
6/7/2009   Born Again - How Wonderful! Pastor Cordes John 3:1-18 (selected) Download
4/14/2013   Haven't You Any Fish? Pastor Cordes John 21:1-14 Download
4/12/2015   Who Has the Authority to Forgive Sins? Pastor Cordes John 20:21-23 Download
4/3/2016   Peace Be With You Pastor Cordes John 20:19-23 Download
3/23/2008   The Life-Changing Power of the Empty Tomb Pastor Cordes John 20:1-8 Download
3/31/2013   Names of Wondrous Love - The Light Pastor Cordes John 20:1-2,11-18 Download
1/17/2016   Strengthen Our Faith Pastor Cordes John 2:1-11 Download
4/6/2007   Good Friday Pastor Cordes John 19:31-37 Download
4/14/2017   Jesus Alone Finished Your Salvation Pastor Cordes John 19:17-30 Download
3/14/2007   4th–6th Wednesdays in Lent Pastor Cordes John 18:33—19:1 Download
7/12/2015   Protect Them by the Power of Your Name Pastor Cordes John 17:11,15,17 Download
6/5/2011   Jesus' High Priestly Prayer Pastor Cordes John 17: 1-11 Download
5/11/2008   Ditch your Apathy: Jesus Sent Us the Holy Spirit. Pastor Cordes John 16:5-11 Download
10/17/2010   Defeatism in the Church Pastor Cordes John 16:33b Download
5/17/2009   Remain In My Love Pastor Cordes John 15:9-17 Download
5/10/2009   Lord, Make Us Fruitful Branches Pastor Cordes John 15:1-8 Download
5/18/2014   I am the Way, the Truth and the Life Pastor Cordes John 14:1-12 Download
5/9/2010   God's Love, Comfort, and Peace Be With YOu Pastor Cordes John 14: 23 -19 Download
2/10/2016   It Is Better That One Man Die Pastor Cordes John 11:45-53 Download
4/2/2017   Lazarus, You Will Rise Again Pastor Cordes John 11:17-45 Download
5/3/2009   Feel Secure In Your Savior's Love Pastor Cordes John 10:11-18 Download
5/11/2014   Jesus, The Good Shepherd and the Gate Pastor Cordes John 10:1-10 Download
1/16/2011   Come and You Will See Pastor Cordes John 1:35-41 Download
12/25/2010   The Word Became Flesh Pastor Cordes John 1:14 Download
12/25/2007   Christmas Day Pastor Cordes John 1:1-14 Download
12/24/2007   Christmas Eve Pastor Cordes John 1:1-14 Download
12/25/2013   The Word Became Flesh Pastor Cordes John 1:1,14 Download
8/14/2011   Get Ready for the Harvest Pastor Cordes Joel 3:12-16 Download
6/4/2017   May the Spirit Pour Down Like Rain Pastor Cordes Joel 2:28-29 Download
12/12/2010   May the Name of the Lord Be Praised Pastor Cordes Job 1:6-22 Download
9/23/2012   God's Way, Victory After Trouble Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 38:1-13 Download
11/29/2015   Big News: A Branch Will Grow Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 33:14-16 Download
11/3/2013   God's New Covenant Makes Us Free Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 31:31-34 Download
2/28/2010   When Persecution Threatens Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 26:8-15 Download
2/28/2010   When Persecution Threatens Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 26:8-15 Download
11/11/2007   Last Judgment – C Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 26:1-6 Download
8/18/2013   Speak God's Word and Speak it Faithfully Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 23:23-29 Download
11/25/2007   Christ the King – C Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 23:2-6 Download
7/26/2015   Fear Not, Little Flock Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 23:1-6 Download
7/13/2014   Testify in the Name of Opposition Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 19:14-20:6 Download
11/1/2015   Now Is a Great Time to Reform Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 18:1-11 Download
2/11/2007   Epiphany 6 – C Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 17:5-8 Download
9/21/2014   Delight and Loneliness From the Same Source Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 15:15-21 Download
9/30/2012   Jeremiah, Servant of God Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 11:18-20 Download
1/24/2016   Tearing Down and Building Up Pastor Cordes Jeremiah 1:4-10 Download
12/11/2016   Wait Patiently For His Coming Pastor Cordes James 5:7-11 Download
10/7/2012   Let Go of Ego Pastor Cordes James 4:7-12 Download
9/20/2015   The Royal Law. Love Your Neighbor Pastor Cordes James 2:1-5,8-10,14-18 Download
9/4/2011   Rejoice in Your Troubles, Crazy Christians Pastor Cordes James 1:2-8,12 Download
9/20/2009   God's Kind of Religion Pastor Cordes James 1:17-27 Download
12/24/2015   Witness the Zeal of the Lord Pastor Cordes Isaiah 9:2-7 Download
1/22/2017   Jesus Shattered Pastor Cordes Isaiah 9:1-4 Download
12/22/2013   My Name is Isaiah Pastor Cordes Isaiah 7:14 Download
12/19/2010   The Virgin Birth - A Sign for Sinners Pastor Cordes Isaiah 7:10-14 Download
8/21/2016   Get Ready! More are Coming! Pastor Cordes Isaiah 66:18-23 Download
7/3/2016   Rejoice With Jerusalem Pastor Cordes Isaiah 66:10-14 Download
11/13/2016   Isaiah Sees Us As Saints Triumphant Pastor Cordes Isaiah 65:16-25 Download
11/27/2011   We Really Need Christmas Pastor Cordes Isaiah 64:1-9 Download
12/30/2007   Christmas 1 – C Pastor Cordes Isaiah 63:7-9 Download
1/17/2010   Call Her Hephzibah Pastor Cordes Isaiah 62:1-5 Download
6/3/2012   Cleansed to be Sent by the Trinity Pastor Cordes Isaiah 6:1-8 Download
8/10/2008   A House of Prayer for All Nations Pastor Cordes Isaiah 56:1,6-8 Download
9/14/2008   It's a Good Thing the Lord is the Lord Pastor Cordes Isaiah 55:6-9 Download
8/7/2011   God's Powerful, Effective Word Pastor Cordes Isaiah 55:10-11 Download
7/27/2008   Free Food and Free Drink Pastor Cordes Isaiah 55:1-5 Download
1/15/2012   It is Too Small a Thing Pastor Cordes Isaiah 49:5-6 Download
1/22/2012   Parable of Crayola Pastor Cordes Isaiah 49:5-6 Download
5/14/2017   Mother's Day Calls for Remembering and Rejoicing in God Pastor Cordes Isaiah 49:15-16 Download
1/19/2014   Explore the Heart of our Savior-God Pastor Cordes Isaiah 49:1-6 Download
3/24/2013   There's Only One Way to Do This Pastor Cordes Isaiah 45:22-25 Download
2/24/2008   How Zealous our Lord is to Overcome Our Blindness Pastor Cordes Isaiah 42:14-21 Download
1/8/2017   Look, the Servant of the Lord Pastor Cordes Isaiah 42:1-7 Download
12/7/2008   Comfort My People, Says the Lord! Pastor Cordes Isaiah 40:1-4 Download
12/7/2014   The Battle for Control of Your Heart Pastor Cordes Isaiah 40:1-2 Download
12/16/2007   Advent 3 – A Pastor Cordes Isaiah 35:1-10 Download
7/4/2010   God's Recipe for a Peaceful Nation Pastor Cordes Isaiah 26:1-12 Download
12/2/2007   Advent 1 – A Pastor Cordes Isaiah 2:1-5 Download
11/27/2016   Catch God's Vision For the Church Pastor Cordes Isaiah 2:1-5 Download
3/6/2016   Isaiah Points Us To True Happiness Pastor Cordes Isaiah 12:1-6 Download
12/4/2016   Our Advent King is Full of Surprises Pastor Cordes Isaiah 11:1-10 Download
3/30/2014   No Pain, No Gain Pastor Cordes Hosea 5:15 - 6:3 Download
12/29/2013   Out of Egypt I Have Called My Son Pastor Cordes Hosea 11:1-9 Download
11/4/2012   The Lord Wants you to Have a Rest Pastor Cordes Hebrews 4:9-16 Download
1/4/2015   Our Bethlehem Brother is Our Heavenly High Priest Pastor Cordes Hebrews 2:10-18 Download
7/29/2012   The Advantages of Obeying Your Leaders Pastor Cordes Hebrews 13:7-8,17-21 Download
8/8/2010   Rethinking 'The Case Against Marriage' Pastor Cordes Hebrews 13:4 Download
8/28/2016   Walk Humbly before Your God Pastor Cordes Hebrews 13:1-8 Download
9/2/2007   Pentecost 14 – C Pastor Cordes Hebrews 12:18-24 Download
2/17/2010   Crucified is Your Reason to Endure Pastor Cordes Hebrews 12:1-3 Download
8/14/2016   The Lord Disciplines Those He Loves Pastor Cordes Hebrews 12:1-13 Download
8/11/2013   Persevere in Faith Pastor Cordes Hebrews 11:1-3,8-16 Download
12/25/2008   Short Term Pain, Long Term Gain. Pastor Cordes Hebrews 1:9 Download
8/7/2016   Give Careful Thought to Your Ways Pastor Cordes Haggai 1:2-14 Download
10/10/2010   We Live by Faith Pastor Cordes Habakkuk 1:1-3; 2:1-4 Download
3/8/2009   Perspectives on Giving Pastor Cordes Giving Download
11/25/2010   It Was a Very Bad Year Pastor Cordes Gensis 7-9 Download
11/26/2009   It Was a Very Bad Year Pastor Cordes Genesis 7-9 Download
11/30/2014   God Takes Sin Seriously Pastor Cordes Genesis 6:9-14,17-22 Download
5/4/2008   Be Like Enoch Pastor Cordes Genesis 5:21-24 Download
11/20/2016   The Lord Knew What Kind of King Jesus Would Be Pastor Cordes Genesis 49:8-12 Download
8/28/2011   The Lord Will Provide Pastor Cordes Genesis 41:41-49 Download
5/21/2017   Don't Be Like Cain Pastor Cordes Genesis 4:1-16 Download
3/2/2008   Exercise in Selfishness Pastor Cordes Genesis 37:2-11 Download
3/2/2008   To God Alone Be The Glory Pastor Cordes Genesis 37:2-11 Download
11/4/2007   Pentecost 22 – C Pastor Cordes Genesis 32:22-30 Download
6/14/2015   Great News! Enmity With My Enemy Pastor Cordes Genesis 3:8-15 Download
3/13/2011   Satan Failed in the Fall Pastor Cordes Genesis 3:1-15 Download
6/19/2016   The Lord Was With Joseph Pastor Cordes Genesis 29:6-12, 16-23 Download
2/26/2012   Can you Pass your Tests Pastor Cordes Genesis 22:1-18 Download
3/9/2014   The First Adam Failed Satan's Temptation Pastor Cordes Genesis 2:7-9,15-17; 3:1-7 Download
10/18/2009   On the Sixth Day God Created Marriage Pastor Cordes Genesis 2:18-24 Download
12/2/2012   Make Like a Lot and Leave Pastor Cordes Genesis 19:15-17,23-29 Download
7/28/2013   Persistent Prayer Pleases the Lord Pastor Cordes Genesis 18:20-32 Download
7/25/2010   Just Who is Serving Whom Pastor Cordes Genesis 18:1-10 Download
1/5/2014   I See You Pastor Cordes Genesis 16 Download
12/7/2011   Abraham's Star of Promise Pastor Cordes Genesis 151-6 Download
8/15/2010   Lord, Give Me a Faith like Abraham's Pastor Cordes Genesis 15:1-6 Download
3/16/2014   Follow Abraham's Example of Living by Faith Pastor Cordes Genesis 12:1-7 Download
9/5/2010   Knowing Our Beginning Helps Pastor Cordes Genesis 1:26-2:3 Download
6/28/2011   Watch the Triune God Bring Life Pastor Cordes Genesis 1:1 - 2:3 Download
7/7/2013   The Lord is Looking for Abundant Fruit From You Pastor Cordes Galatians 6:1-10,14-16 Download
6/30/2013   Keep in Step with the Spirit Pastor Cordes Galatians 5:1,13-25 Download
6/27/2010   All Grown Up in Jesus Pastor Cordes Galatians 3:23-29 Download
6/12/2016   I Live By Faith In the Son of God Pastor Cordes Galatians 2:11-21 Download
6/2/2013   Don't Forfeit the Gospel Pastor Cordes Galatians 1:1-10 Download
11/10/2013   Witness God's Just Judgement Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 9:1-11 Download
4/6/2014   Lord, Help My Achin' Bones Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 37:1-14 Download
11/20/2011   Determined and Compassionate to Reach the Lost Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 34:12-16 Download
11/23/2014   We Have a ___ King Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 34:11-16,23-24;1 Cor. 15:20-28; Matthew 27:27-31 Download
8/31/2008   Devotions on all three lessons Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 33:7-11, Romans 13:1-10, Matthew 18:15-20 Download
7/5/2015   The Lord's Solution for Rebelliousness Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 2:1-5 Download
7/15/2012   Sweet Word, Overcome my Rebellion Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 2:1 - 3:4 Download
6/28/2009   Lord, Make This Dry Tree Flourish Pastor Cordes Ezekiel 17:22-24 Download
2/18/2007   Transfiguration - C Pastor Cordes Exodus 34:29-35 Download
12/25/2015   Now Show Me Your Glory Pastor Cordes Exodus 33:18-23 Download
7/27/2014   God's Promise: I Will Give You Rest Pastor Cordes Exodus 33:12-23 Download
9/11/2016   When God's Covenant Is Broken Pastor Cordes Exodus 32:7-14 Download
2/28/2016   The Lord Overcomes Suffering With Pure Care Pastor Cordes Exodus 3:1-15 Download
8/5/2012   Fellowship with the Lord Comes Through Blood Pastor Cordes Exodus 24:3-11 Download
2/3/2008   The Second Mountain is Better Because of the Hill Pastor Cordes Exodus 24:12,15-18 Download
6/8/2008   Welcome to the Desert Pastor Cordes Exodus 19:2-8 Download
6/13/2010   More Helpful Highlights from Exodus Pastor Cordes Exodus 18-19 Download
8/9/2009   Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone... Pastor Cordes Exodus 16:2-15 Download
6/6/2010   Helpful Highlights from Exodus Pastor Cordes Exodus 13-17 Download
1/8/2012   For Such a Time as This Pastor Cordes Esther 4:12-16 Download
9/13/2009   Ephesians 6:10-20 Pastor Cordes Ephesians 6:10-20 Download
3/23/2014   Let the Son Shine Pastor Cordes Ephesians 5:8-12 Download
8/30/2015   The Maker's Marriage Manual Pastor Cordes Ephesians 5:21-31 Download
8/30/2009   Understand What The Lord's Will Is Pastor Cordes Ephesians 5:15-20 Download
10/9/2011   So You're Baptized. Now What? Pastor Cordes Ephesians 4:29 - 5:2 Download
8/9/2015   Off With The Old, On With The New Pastor Cordes Ephesians 4:17-24 Download
6/10/2012   Keep Growing Up Into Christ Pastor Cordes Ephesians 4:14-16 Download
1/6/2008   What a Privilege to be Your Pastor Pastor Cordes Ephesians 3:2-12 Download
5/30/2010   Growing in God's Family Pastor Cordes Ephesians 3:14-19 Download
3/22/2009   God's Plan ... Save Them All By Grace Through Faith Pastor Cordes Ephesians 2:4-10 Download
7/31/2016   All Depends On Our Possessing Pastor Cordes Ecclesiastes 1:2, 2:18-26 Download
11/22/2012   Thank You, Lord Pastor Cordes Deuteronomy 8:1-10 Download
2/10/2013   A View from the Top of Mt. Nebo Pastor Cordes Deuteronomy 34:1-12 Download
7/18/2010   Practice Godly Obedience Pastor Cordes Deuteronomy 30:9-14 Download
6/18/2017   God Wants Cookie Cutter Christians Pastor Cordes Deuteronomy 11:18-21;26-28 Download
9/27/2015   What's Mine Is Yours Pastor Cordes Deut. 6:1-9 Download
2/14/2016   Lent Is Like Life Pastor Cordes Deut 26:5-10 Download
11/25/2012   Daniel Saw Christ the King Pastor Cordes Daniel 7:13-14 Download
12/8/2013   The Proud He Humbles, The Humble He Exalts Pastor Cordes Daniel 4:19-37 Download
11/15/2009   Delivered People are Triumphant People Pastor Cordes Daniel 12:1-3 Download
3/4/2012   Cheer Up! It's the Cross! (Part 1) Pastor Cordes Cross Passages Download
3/11/2012   Cheer Up! It's the Cross! (Part 2) Pastor Cordes Cross Passages Download
3/18/2012   Cheer Up! It's the Cross! (Part 3) Pastor Cordes Cross Passages Download
3/25/2012   Cheer Up! It's the Cross! (Part 4) Pastor Cordes Cross Passages Download
11/14/2010   That's Mighty Neighborly of you Pastor Cordes Colossians 4:2-67 Download
8/4/2013   Off with the Old, One with the New Pastor Cordes Colossians 3:1-11 Download
12/25/2014   All the Fullness of the Hidden God Pastor Cordes Colossians 2:9 Download
11/24/2013   Look at What Kind of King We Have Pastor Cordes Colossians 1:13-20 Download
7/17/2016   So We May Present Everyone Perfect In Christ Pastor Cordes Colossians 1:1-29 Download
7/14/2013   God's Word is Sufficient for Our Spiritual Needs Pastor Cordes Colossians 1:1-14 Download
1/13/2013   Baptism is Always for Today Pastor Cordes Baptism Download
9/22/2013   A Curse is Not a Curse When... Pastor Cordes Amos 8:4-7 Download
7/19/2015   I'd Rather Be Fishing Pastor Cordes Amos 7:10-17 Download
5/10/2015   Godly Encouragement From Dorcas Pastor Cordes Acts 9:36-42 Download
4/18/2010   Lessons From the Conversion of Saul Pastor Cordes Acts 9:1-19 Download
5/15/2011   Stephen, First Christian Martyr Pastor Cordes Acts 6-7 Download
4/7/2013   Go Tell It in the Temple Pastor Cordes Acts 5:12,17-32 Download
11/24/2016   Thankful Even In the Worst Storm Pastor Cordes Acts 27:1-44 Download
4/15/2012   I Pray That You May Become What I Am Pastor Cordes Acts 26:19-29 Download
5/8/2011   A Living Hope Sustains Us Pastor Cordes Acts 24:10-21 Download
5/15/2016   Holy Spirit, Renew Our Church Pastor Cordes Acts 2:37-47 Download
11/7/2010   Together in God's 21st Century Family Pastor Cordes Acts 2:37-47 Download
10/30/2011   How to Avoid Becoming a Teacher Pastor Cordes Acts 18:24-26 Download
5/22/2011   See How Effective the Gospel Is Pastor Cordes Acts 17:1-15 Download
1/11/2015   What Must I Do to Be Saved? Pastor Cordes Acts 16:24-35 Download
5/6/2012   Lydia, Dealer in Purple Pastor Cordes Acts 16:11-15 Download
4/21/2013   Put Christ in the Picture Pastor Cordes Acts 13:15-16a,26-33 Download
4/19/2015   The Lord Jesus Rescued James, Peter and the Church Pastor Cordes Acts 12:1-19 Download
6/1/2008   March Off the Map Pastor Cordes Acts 1:8 Download
5/12/2013   Rejoice, the Redeemer Rules Pastor Cordes Acts 1:1-11 Download
10/16/2016   Continue In What You Have Learned Pastor Cordes 2 Timothy 3:14-17; 4:3-5 Download
10/13/2013   Serve Faithfully Till the End Pastor Cordes 2 Timothy 2:8-13 Download
10/14/2007   Pentecost 20 – C Pastor Cordes 2 Timothy 1:3-14 Download
12/9/2009   Open Your Heart Pastor Cordes 2 Thessalonians 3:5 Download
11/17/2013   The Day of the Lord Will Come Pastor Cordes 2 Thessalonians 2:13 - 3:5 Download
12/21/2014   Behold Great David's Greater Son Pastor Cordes 2 Samuel 7:8-16 Download
6/16/2013   Our Gracious Father Works Repentance in Us Pastor Cordes 2 Samuel 11-12 Download
2/26/2017   You Will Do Well To Pay Attention Pastor Cordes 2 Peter 1:16-21 Download
4/24/2016   I Have Made You a Light Pastor Cordes 2 Kings 6:15-17 Download
5/1/2016   Those With Us Are More Pastor Cordes 2 Kings 6:15-17 Download
10/25/2009   I Don't Want to be a Leper Pastor Cordes 2 Kings 5:14-27 Download
10/11/2015   Jesus Is Better Than Jumping In The River Pastor Cordes 2 Kings 5:1-15 Download
2/15/2009   No Naaman, It's No Nonsense Pastor Cordes 2 Kings 5:1-14 Download
4/10/2011   Fear Not Death. Tis' But a Sleep Pastor Cordes 2 Kings 4:18-37 Download
2/19/2012   Lessons from Elijah's Leaving Pastor Cordes 2 Kings 2:1-12 Download
10/19/2008   Walk in the Truth Pastor Cordes 2 John Download
4/27/2008   God's Big Give Pastor Cordes 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 Download
6/14/2009   A Matter of Life and Death Pastor Cordes 2 Corinthians 4:5-12 Download
2/14/2010   Transfiguration Pastor Cordes 2 Corinthians 4:36 Download
2/22/2009   Now You Get to Reflect the Lord's Glory Pastor Cordes 2 Corinthians 3:12—4:2 Download
5/18/2008   What's So Special About the Doctrine of the Trinity? Pastor Cordes 2 Corinthians 13:14 Download
10/3/2010   Godliness with Contentment is Great Gain Pastor Cordes 1 Timothy 6:6-11 Download
7/20/2008   Take Hold of the Life that is Truly Life Pastor Cordes 1 Timothy 6:17-21 Download
7/22/2012   Expect These Qualifications in Your Overseers Pastor Cordes 1 Timothy 3:1-7 Download
9/18/2016   God Wants ALL To Be Saved Pastor Cordes 1 Timothy 2:1-8 Download
9/23/2007   Pentecost 17 – C Pastor Cordes 1 Timothy 1:12-17 Download
12/14/2014   Be Joyful Always Pastor Cordes 1 Thessalonians 5:16 Download
11/9/2008   Like a Thief in the Night Pastor Cordes 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 Download
11/13/2011   Triumph Over Death Pastor Cordes 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 Download
2/12/2017   God Wants Us To Be Sanctified Pastor Cordes 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 Download
11/29/2009   Lord, Increase Our Love Pastor Cordes 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13 Download
10/4/2015   Modeling School For Christians Pastor Cordes 1 Thes 1:2-10 Download
6/8/2014   Holy Spirit, Change My Heart Pastor Cordes 1 Samuel 8 - 10 Download
1/18/2009   Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening Pastor Cordes 1 Samuel 3:1-10 Download
2/20/2011   David Loves His Enemy Pastor Cordes 1 Samuel 26 Download
2/22/2015   To Beat Satan, Follow David's Lead Pastor Cordes 1 Samuel 24 Download
4/28/2013   The Lengths to Which Love Will Go Pastor Cordes 1 Samuel 20:12-17 Download
5/13/2012   Godly Encouragement from Hannah Pastor Cordes 1 Samuel 2:18-21 Download
1/10/2016   You've Been Annointed Pastor Cordes 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Download
5/28/2017   Rejoice That You Participate in the Sufferings of Christ Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 4:12-17; 5:6-11 Download
5/28/2017   Rejoice You Participate in the Sufferings of Christ Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 4:12-17; 5:6-11 Download
7/13/2008   Arm Ourselves With the Same Attitude Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 4:1-8 Download
5/29/2011   Set Apart Christ as Lord Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 3:15-22 Download
1/27/2008   Tell Everyone Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 3:15 Download
4/13/2008   God's Challenge: Suffer Patiently Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 2: 19-25 Download
4/23/2017   Cash In On Your Inheritance Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 1:3-9 Download
4/4/2010   Praise God for a Living Hope Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 1:3-9 Download
5/4/2014   Be Different, Strangers on Earth Pastor Cordes 1 Peter 1:17-21 Download
8/17/2014   Seek God Pleasing Wisdom Pastor Cordes 1 Kings 3:5-12 Download
6/22/2014   How Can You Tell Who's Telling the Truth? Pastor Cordes 1 Kings 22:10-28 Download
8/19/2012   The Lord has Ways of Overcoming Your Defeat Pastor Cordes 1 Kings 19:3-8 Download
6/26/2016   Go Back the Way You Came Pastor Cordes 1 Kings 19:14-15 Download
4/20/2008   The Lord - He is God Pastor Cordes 1 Kings 18:17-45 Download
6/5/2016   Face Death Fearlessly Pastor Cordes 1 Kings 17:17-24 Download
1/6/2013   Even the Queen of Sheba Believed Pastor Cordes 1 Kings 10:1-9 Download
10/20/2013   Pray According to God's Will Pastor Cordes 1 John 5:13-15 Download
5/3/2015   This Is How We Know Pastor Cordes 1 John 3:18-24 Download
10/31/2010   What a Wonderful Love Pastor Cordes 1 John 3:1-2 Download
7/24/2011   Love the Lord, Live Forever Pastor Cordes 1 John 2:15-17 Download
4/26/2009   Stick With The Truth Pastor Cordes 1 John 1:1—2:2 Download
4/29/2012   Children of God, You Are Worth Something Pastor Cordes 1 John 1:1 Download
2/8/2009   Follow in Faith, Fully Flexible Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 9:16-23 Download
5/16/2010   A Great Way to Look at Life Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 15:25 Download
2/7/2010   Try to Excellin Gifts That Build Up the Church Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 14:12-20 Download
1/25/2015   Christian You are Gifted Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 Download
3/15/2015   Let's Build a Strong Body Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 Download
1/24/2010   There is No "I" in Church Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 Download
1/18/2015   All God Does is Give Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 12:1-7 Download
1/20/2013   Use Your Spiritual Gifts for the Common Good Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 Download
4/1/2010   Maundy Thursday Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 11:24-26 Download
3/24/2016   Do This In Remembrance of Me Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 11:23-29 Download
4/13/2017   Receive Special Assurance Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 11:23-28 Download
4/9/2009   A Message To Remember Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 Download
3/7/2010   Don't Set Your Heart On Evil Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 Download
11/24/2011   You're Thankful for What Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 1:3-9 Download
1/20/2008   Oh, To Be a Fool Instead Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 Download
3/10/2013   We Preach Christ Crucified Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 Download
1/26/2014   God Wants His Church to be Non-Political Pastor Cordes 1 Corinthians 1:10-17 Download
3/8/2015   We Preach Christ Crucified Pastor Cordes 1 Cor 1:22-25` Download
3/16/2008   Jesus' Swell Before His Death Knell Pastor Cordes (Free Text) John 12:1-19 Download
3/27/2011   God Loves a Cheerful Giver Pastor Cordes Download
4/22/2011   Nicodeus, Silent Believer Pastor Cordes Download
3/9/2011   Peter the Born Leader Pastor Cordes Download
4/3/2011   Qs From the Pews Pastor Cordes Download
4/21/2011   The Apostles, Servant Leaders Pastor Cordes Download
10/23/2016   The Five Solas Pastor Cordes Download
5/19/2013   The Holy Spirit's Work in Old Testament Times Pastor Cordes Download
6/11/2017   The Joy of Giving Pastor Cordes Download
2/27/2011   Three Devotions Pastor Cordes Download
5/1/2011   What Does it Mean to Believe? Pastor Cordes Download
4/24/2011   Women, Reliable Witnesses Pastor Cordes Download

"Prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed." ~ 1 Peter 1:13