Bible Discovery Class

 Leader: Staff Minister Epple
Fellowship Hall

Meeting Day(s): Varies
Meeting Time: Varies

The course is designed for various levels of participation to fit your available time and interest level.  You may:
  1. Just sit and listen
  2. Take notes on the handout
  3. Read parts of the Bible associated with the upcoming lesson
  4. Complete a review of the lesson at home
  5. Read suggested articles or books to expand your personal knowledge of a topic

Topics Covered in Bible Discovery Class

1. Bible Basics Fun facts about the Bible. Is it just “a matter of interpretation”? How can we benefit from the Bible?

2. Four Firsts First day, first people, first sin, first promise of a Savior

3. Core Concepts How God overcame the terrible trouble sin caused. Believing in Jesus.

4. Two Tremendous Teachings Law & Gospel, also Commandments 1-2,  Confession & Absolution

5. Wonderful Washing Baptism

6. Splendid Supper Holy Communion

7. Live Lovingly for the Lord How to grow spiritually, the Church and churches, Fellowship

8. Powerful Petitions Prayer

9. How To Have Happiness Commandments 3-6

10. Say “So Long” to Sadness Commandments 7-10

11. While Waiting for Jesus Witnessing, End Times

12. Marvelous Membership What it means to be a church member, Membership application (optional), Ways to serve in the church, Gifts-of-the-Spirit survey


Where do we meet and for how long?

We meet for 90 minutes in the church fellowship hall.

May I bring friends?

Yes! Just let Pastor Cordes know how many are coming with you so he can prepare enough copies of the material.

How much does the course cost?

Only your time. The church wants to give away this valuable information at no charge.

Will I have to read anything out loud?

Only if you want to. Participate how you’re comfortable.

Is there homework?

The course is designed to fit various levels of participation and interest. You may a) just sit and listen, b) take notes on the sheets handed out, c) read parts of the Bible associated with upcoming lessons, d) answer review questions at home (a.k.a. homework), e) read other materials to expand your knowledge of a topic.

What if I miss a lesson?

You may request a copy of the lesson to read at home, or you may meet with the pastor privately, or you may attend that lesson the next time the Bible Discovery Class (BDC) is offered.

What if neither schedule works for me?

Let the pastor know when you are available. Many people are being invited to BDC. If at least three people identify an alternate time that will work for them, the pastor will gladly have class at that time too.

May I join the church if I finish the class?

Completing the class qualifies you to join the church, but it does not obligate you to do so.


Contact the church if you are interested in Bible Discovery Class.




"Prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed." ~ 1 Peter 1:13