Ushers' Schedule
June 18, 2017
J. Christian, M. Milici, M. Powell, S. Milici
Elders: D. Schmidt, F. Watrous

June 25, 2017 
T. Wessell, A Garza, R. Balmes, D. Radloff

July 2, 2017
T. Cook, D. Bodunrin, K. Krause, T. Krause
Elders: J. Christensen, J. Powell

July 9, 2017
J. Christian, M. Balmes, O. Alayli, D. DaValle

July 16, 2017
T. Wessell, E. Herrera, S. Tolan, D. Radloff
Elders: D. Balmes, S. Thorsteins

July 23, 2017
P. Felice, B. Milici, M. Milici, M. Powell

July 30, 2017
T. Wessell, M. Balmes, J. Christian, S. Milici

August 6, 2017
S. Tolan, K. Krause, T. Krause, M. Milici
Elders: F. Watrous, D. Schmidt

August 13, 2017
T. Cook, E. Herrera, M. Powell, O. Alayli

August 20, 2017
P. Felice, D. Radloff, B. Milici, S. Milici
Elders: J. Christensen, F. Watrous

August 27, 2017
D. DaValle, O. Alayli, D. Felice, M. Powell

September  3, 2017
P. Felice, D. Bodunrin, M. Milici, S. Milici
Elders:  D. Balmes, S. Thorsteins

September 10, 2017
D. DaValle, T. Wessell, S. Tolan, D. Radloff

September 17, 2017
D. Felice, M. Balmes, K. Krause, T. Krause
Elders: J. Powell, B. Swafford

September 24, 2017
T. Cook, B. Milici, E. Herrera, D. Bodunrin

"Prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed." ~ 1 Peter 1:13